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The difference between planning permits and building permits

By Danielle Warfe

27 March 2018

There are three types of permits you might need if you want to build something: Planning, Building or Plumbing. We take care of the building side of things, but plumbing and planning are separate processes administered by your local council.

Planning balances the development of resources against the use of resources. A planning permit indicates a development is appropriate for the community amenity, environmental status, and visual impact at a site. It means you can use your site for what you’re intending to build, but you can’t actually build until you have a building permit.

Initial planning enquiries can be made on the iplan website. Got to My Planning Enquiry, type in your address and answer some questions about your proposed development. You will get advice on whether you’re exempt or whether you need to submit a planning application.

A building permit indicates a development is approved for construction. It means your proposed development has been assessed and certified by a building surveyor and your local council as meeting the relevant building requirements.

In Tasmania, most building work needs certification by a building surveyor, and some of this work will also need a building permit from your local council. At Pudding Lane, we can advise you on whether a building permit is required, and we also lodge building permit applications on your behalf. Once these approvals are in place, we authorise building work to commence, and then you can start building.


Danielle Warfe


Danielle is an experienced researcher, skilled in project management, risk assessment and communication. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Building Surveying and Certification.

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