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Origin of the Great Fire of London and the emergence of modern building surveying.

Leading your way to safe and healthy buildings.

Navigating the building regulations can be a challenge. We provide expert assistance, building surveying and compliance reporting on any and all buildings.

With 25 years’ practice, we can guide you through the process, making it a productive experience that protects your interests.

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Expert assistance

We provide a comprehensive and quality service for all aspects of building regulation and across all sectors, e.g. residential, commercial, aged care, government, industrial, etc. We appraise your building project with diligence and care to ensure it will be safe, healthy and fit for purpose.

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Accurate and nimble

We’re experienced, accurate and nimble, and will lead you through the regulations to a successful building project.

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27 June 2023

Mandatory notification stages are the witness points in your build

A building surveyor’s role is to confirm a building’s design and construction meet the minimum requirements for safety, health, amenity […]

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04 February 2022

Structural inspections and who does them

Structural adequacy is a primary requirement of all building work in Australia – no-one wants their  building to collapse. Buildings […]

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01 December 2021

Solving performance for a product-specific performance solution

This one’s for the designers, particularly those who like to use a performance solution. To refresh, a performance solution is […]

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24 November 2021

Do I need an energy assessment for this?

When we receive plans for building work on dwellings, we’re often asked if an energy assessment is needed for the […]

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26 June 2021

Low-risk work, notifiable work and permit work – what’s the difference?

Building work is any work that involves erecting, constructing, altering, renovating, adding to, repairing, underpinning or demolishing a building. It […]

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17 October 2020

Why do I need a building surveyor?

As a community we expect our buildings to be safe, healthy, useable and sustainable: there are numerous recent examples of […]

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26 June 2020

Buying an existing house? Read this first

We’re often asked to approve illegal building work on a recently- or soon-to-be-acquired property. It’s not uncommon for someone to […]

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26 February 2020

What is a Certificate of Title and what does it tell me?

Certificates of Title are quite useful little documents and are required for most building projects. They are legal documents of […]

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