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Are you offering short-term accommodation?

By Danielle Warfe

19 November 2018

If you’re offering short- or medium-term accommodation, you may need a permit.

Consumer Building and Occupational Services occasionally audit visitor accommodation premises to confirm visitor safety and that owners are aware of their obligations, so here’s what you need to know.

Planning permits

You don’t need a planning permit for visitor accommodation if you’re renting out your main residence (i.e. where you live) for short periods while you’re away, or you’re renting a maximum of 4 bedrooms while you’re living there. This includes bedrooms in ancillary granny flats or studios that share parking and service connections with your main residence.

If you’re renting out more than 4 bedrooms in your home, or renting out an investment property or shack, then you’ll need to apply for a planning permit using the Visitor Accommodation Standard Application package.

Building and occupancy permits

You don’t need new building or occupancy permits if you’re renting out a maximum of 4 bedrooms in your main residence for visitor accommodation. Again, this includes bedrooms in an ancillary granny flat or studio.

If you’re renting out more than 4 bedrooms in your home, or renting out an investment property or shack, you’ll need to complete the Building Self-Assessment Form in the Visitor Accommodation Standard Application package. This form is your declaration that:

  • The building will be used in accordance with the existing occupancy permit, or that there is no occupancy permit because the building was constructed before 1994.
  • The building is connected to a reticulated water supply, or private water supply that meets the requirements of the Public Health Act 1997.
  • The building is connected to a reticulated sewerage system, or an onsite wastewater treatment system that will not be used by more occupants than it was designed for.
  • The building is maintained in accordance with its Schedule of Maintenance (if applicable), or has smoke alarms (with a 10-yr non-removeable lithium battery or hardwired and interconnected) located between the bedrooms and the remainder of the premises, or in each hallway associated with a bedroom, as well as in all other storeys if the building is multi-storey.
  • The building has emergency evacuation lighting and clearly marked and mapped exit signs if it’s multi-storey.

If the investment property or shack you’re renting out is larger than 200 m2 in floor area, then it may require a change in building classification and a new occupancy permit reflecting that classification. We can help you out with this.

If you need to do building work to convert your home to visitor accommodation, you may need a building permit depending on the extent of work required. And you may also need to consider access for people with a disability or whether you need a bushfire emergency plan approved by the Tasmania Fire Service. Again, we can help out with this so contact us for advice.


Danielle Warfe

Building Surveyor (Limited)

Danielle is an experienced researcher, skilled in communication, risk assessment, and the evaluation of evidence. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Building Surveying and Certification.