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Building work – what is it and does it need a CLC?

By Alex Wood

29 March 2018

Building work is any work that involves constructing, erecting, altering, adding to, repairing, underpinning or demolishing a building, and includes excavation or filling associated with these activities.

In Tasmania, building work is divided into risk categories, which determine whether a certificate of likely compliance (CLC) or a building permit is required. The categories are summarised here, but the full details are in the Director’s Determination and should be checked before starting work.

Category 1 – Low risk work by an owner

This work generally includes “like for like” repairs, maintenance and replacements to residential buildings, so long as they’re not structural, and a range of relatively minor work such as small sheds and decks, garden structures and shade structures. This type of work does not need approval.

Category 2 – Low risk work by a licensed builder

This work is similar to above and includes non-structural repairs, maintenance and replacement to buildings, larger sheds and garden structures, and limited commercial fit-outs and substations or plant rooms. Some commercial work may need risk assessment by a building surveyor.

Category 3 – Notifiable work

This category includes most work on detached dwellings and outbuildings (including new buildings), retaining walls, signs and some commercial work. Sheds and garages can be built by owner builders so long as they have an owner builder permit.

All notifiable work needs design documentation for assessment, and a CLC from a building surveyor.

Category 4 – Permit work

This covers everything else: commercial work and work on detached dwellings by owner builders, so long as they have an owner builder permit.

All permit work needs design documentation for assessment, a CLC from a building surveyor, and a building permit from your local council.


Alex Wood

Building Surveyor

Alex is a fully qualified and licensed Building Surveyor (unrestricted) with experience across all sectors. He has been practising building regulation for 20 years, and is a trusted and professional operator.