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What does a building surveyor do?

By Alex Wood

19 March 2018

A building surveyor needs to “survey” the design and construction of building work to make sure the finished building is safe, healthy and fit for purpose. Nationally-consistent standards of construction are used to make this determination.

The interpretation and application of these standards depends on the unique circumstances of each project. Our experience and expertise provides peace of mind that your project is properly assessed and safeguards your liability as a building owner.

Building approvals

Where we provide services for a building approval, the design documentation is assessed against the relevant legislation, the key service providers in the project are checked to be appropriately licensed for the work, and any authorities relevant to the project are also consulted.

During construction, we inspect the work at significant points in the process and review site inspection reports and other construction documents to determine that the building has been constructed appropriately. By signing off on the project, we are certifying the building work is safe and fit for purpose.

Consultancy services

Given our familiarity with the building regulations, we also provide wide-ranging expertise and reporting on building safety and suitability. Such services include advice on design, fire safety, accessibility and sustainability for a range of purposes including the reuse of a building, upgrading essential safety features in a building, and assessing the feasibility of development proposals.


Alex Wood

Building Surveyor

Alex is a fully qualified and licensed Building Surveyor (unrestricted) with experience across all sectors. He has been practising building regulation for 20 years, and is a trusted and professional operator.