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Expert advice and interpretation

We are experts in the legislation, regulations, codes and standards pertaining to buildings. And we specialise in a range of […]

Certificate of Likely Compliance

We issue a Certificate of Likely Compliance (CLC) to certify your proposed building work is likely to comply with the […]

Performance solutions

Building work must comply with the National Construction Code (NCC), which is a performance-based code. So buildings must “perform” to […]

Occupancy and Temporary Occupancy Permits

One of our primary functions is to certify that a building or structure is safe and suitable to be occupied […]

Site inspections

We do lots of site inspections. Sometimes we might do a preliminary inspection to define the scope of a project […]

Building maintenance audits

Maintenance must be carried out to ensure a building’s safety features continue to work reliably over time. A Schedule of […]

Development feasibility and due diligence

We provide consultancy services during the feasibility or design stage of your development to advise where your existing building may […]

Research and data analysis

We have the experience and qualifications to provide scientific research and data analysis services for the construction industry. We can […] ?>