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Mandatory notification stages are the witness points in your build

A building surveyor’s role is to confirm a building’s design and construction meet the minimum requirements for safety, health, amenity […]

Do I need an energy assessment for this?

When we receive plans for building work on dwellings, we’re often asked if an energy assessment is needed for the […]

Buying an existing house? Read this first

We’re often asked to approve illegal building work on a recently- or soon-to-be-acquired property. It’s not uncommon for someone to […]

What is a Certificate of Title and what does it tell me?

Certificates of Title are quite useful little documents and are required for most building projects. They are legal documents of […]

Protection work – stuff you need to know

What is it? Protection work is the additional work put in place to protect people and adjoining properties from construction […]

When is a dwelling ancillary?

In terms of building approvals, a building is ancillary to a dwelling when it is additional to, but not required […]

Considering an outbuilding conversion? What you need to know.

Thinking of creating more space and converting your unused shed or garage into a home office or a bedroom for […]

How to minimise the potential for a building dispute

Each building project is unique, bringing people together from different organisations and with different expertise to achieve a one-off, long-term, […]

Let there be good light

Traditionally, lighting has been about visibility and safe movement within a building, but light distribution and patterns can have broader […]

Building classification

You may have come across references to Class 1a houses or Class 10a outbuildings. Building classification is used to define […] ?>