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Low-risk work, notifiable work and permit work – what’s the difference?

Building work is any work that involves erecting, constructing, altering, renovating, adding to, repairing, underpinning or demolishing a building. It […]

Why do I need a building surveyor?

As a community we expect our buildings to be safe, healthy, useable and sustainable: there are numerous recent examples of […]

Protection work – stuff you need to know

What is it? Protection work is the additional work put in place to protect people and adjoining properties from construction […]

When is a dwelling ancillary?

In terms of building approvals, a building is ancillary to a dwelling when it is additional to, but not required […]

Considering an outbuilding conversion? What you need to know.

Thinking of creating more space and converting your unused shed or garage into a home office or a bedroom for […]

How to minimise the potential for a building dispute

Each building project is unique, bringing people together from different organisations and with different expertise to achieve a one-off, long-term, […]

Are you offering short-term accommodation?

If you’re offering short- or medium-term accommodation, you may need a permit. Consumer Building and Occupational Services occasionally audit visitor […]

Building for bushfire

Living near the trees is pretty special, but it also means a bit more attention is needed to ensure your […]

Site plans for Class 10 buildings

Did you know that you can draw the site plan for your Class 10 building yourself? Pretty cool, but there […]

The difference between planning permits and building permits

There are three types of permits you might need if you want to build something: Planning, Building or Plumbing. We […] ?>