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Mandatory notification stages are the witness points in your build

A building surveyor’s role is to confirm a building’s design and construction meet the minimum requirements for safety, health, amenity […]

Structural inspections and who does them

Structural adequacy is a primary requirement of all building work in Australia – no-one wants their  building to collapse. Buildings […]

Solving performance for a product-specific performance solution

This one’s for the designers, particularly those who like to use a performance solution. To refresh, a performance solution is […]

Why do I need a building surveyor?

As a community we expect our buildings to be safe, healthy, useable and sustainable: there are numerous recent examples of […]

Protection work – stuff you need to know

What is it? Protection work is the additional work put in place to protect people and adjoining properties from construction […]

Good design good construction

Planning for your construction project can be time-consuming and costly, and that’s before you’ve even put a spade in the […]

Building surveyors and the courts

Two recent judgements involving building surveyors serve as a confronting reminder of the legal obligations of building surveyors. In the […]

Occupant wellbeing – the next frontier for the built environment

Building performance describes how well a building addresses its requirements for sustainability and occupant safety, health and amenity. Traditionally, building […]

Let there be good light

Traditionally, lighting has been about visibility and safe movement within a building, but light distribution and patterns can have broader […]

Building Confidence – Shergold and Weir 2018 report

In 2017, Peter Shergold and Bronwyn Weir were commissioned by the Building Ministers Forum to report on the effectiveness of […] ?>